I think it's necessary to add a bit more on top of what I have on my about page. I'm not going to bore you with details that you don't really care so much about, and are already publicly available. Like my birthday, which happens to be April Fools', 1997; or the city I was born in, Istanbul. Maybe the fact that I'm Turkish and Belgian at the same time. Useless details, all of them!

Now let me introduce myself, without further ado...

This pose of mine was taken from several angles, and I'm pretty sure that this is not the only copy of it; although the only one I have. I had this brilliant idea (having found one of the rarest occurrences in the history of Istanbul: an empty metro car) of latching onto the bars upside down! There were about twelve of my friends at the side where I'm looking at, pretty much all of them trying to take a picture of me.

Most of the time things that I think would be pretty cool to do turn out to be so. Well, there are also stuff that don't exactly turn out like I imagined them to too...

Here's me and Astan, having drank enough to have cold pizza under the rain in a very chilly night in Lübeck, taking a selfie on this old ship that we trespassed.

On a slightly related note: We woke up the owner, who apparently was living in the ship. We definitely did not know people lived in these boats. Our efforts to reconcile by offering the last slice did not work. So, after kindly apologising, we stumbled our way back to the hostel – doing our best not to fall into the river.

All in all, I'd say that I'm a healthy mixture of introversion and extroversion. Often I'll work on things that require a very solitary environment, like programming or painting – and often I'll help make things happen with a group, like that amazing The Wall concert we presented a few years back.

After a pretty good few years of high school (albeit with ups and downs), I managed to make it to Amsterdam (which also had quite a lot of ups and downs of its own). I now believe that here is where my story really begins to form, and will continue to in a relatively more substantial manner.

— Evrim Öztamur at Tue, 17 May 2016 15:50:54 GMT from Amsterdam, NL